With Oren, James & Dave
(photos below)


That hippo
Khwai airstrip
Xakanaxa airstrip
Julius Limbani is alive
Lions crossing Third Bridge
That sandbank on the river Khwai
A pride on the pan at Mabuasehube
A lion in our camp in Third Bridge
A huge boomslang under the car in CV06
A leopard at the car at night in Magotho
Thwarted by mud 5 kms before Kubu Island
Wild dogs through the camp in Third Bridge
That lioness in Magotho, by the ranger camp
That alternator belt on the road to Hukuntsi

Friday, 10 March: Waterval Farm – Porterville
Saturday, 11 March: Red Sands Lodge – south of Kuruman
Sunday, 12 March: Mabuasehube KT-MAB-04

Monday, 13 March: Mabuasehube KT-MAB-03
Tuesday, 14 March: Kalahari Rest Lodge
Wednesday, 15 March: Sitatunga Lodge – Maun
Thursday, 16 March: Sitatunga Lodge – Maun
Friday, 17 March 2023: Mankwe
Saturday, 18 March: Savuti 01
Sunday, 19 March: Savuti 02

Monday, 20 March: Magotho 02
Tuesday, 21 March: Magotho 02
Wednesday, 22 March: Magotho 02
Thursday, 23 March: Magotho 02
Friday, 24 March: Magotho 02
Saturday, 25 March: Savuti
Sunday, 26 March: Savuti

Monday, 27 March: Third Bridge, Moremi
Tuesday, 28 March: Third Bridge, Moremi
Wednesday, 29 March: Third Bridge, Moremi
Thursday, 30 March: Third Bridge, Moremi
Friday, 31 March: Savuti
Saturday, 01 April: Savuti
Sunday 02 April: Magotho 03

Monday 03 April: Kumaga – Makgadigadi
Tuesday 04 April: Khama Rhino Sanctuary via Kubu Island