We’re lucky enough to have been exploring the Southern African bush in the company of great people since 1974.

We love the Central Kalahari, Makgadigadi, Savuti, the Okavango, Kariba, Mana Pools, Pomene, Bazaruto, anywhere on the lower Zambezi…

Our focus is narrow: Fire, big African skies, garlic, looking for lions, deep sand, ‘n groot middle-mannetjie, biltong, ellies, mud, coffee, lilac-breasted rollers, tie-downs, spotlights, wine, bat-eared foxes, walkie-talkies, companionship, laughter, hot chocolate, good music when the road is flat, hyenas in the campsite at night, bataleur eagles, miles and miles of bloody Africa, and the best conversations about everything…


Lisa Swerling, COO, RGC
(Chief Ornithological Officer, Royal Guardian of the Cafetière)
Ralph Lazar, CSO, SGBQCC
(Chief Safari Officer, Secretary General Biltong Quality Control Committee)
Oren Kaplan, CAO, PLS
(Chief Anecdote Officer, Principal Leeu Seeker)
David Jammy, CPO, LAJ
(Chief Pyromaniac Officer, Lord Admiral of the Jerrycan)
Roland Lescure, CGO, GVP
(Chief Garlic Officer, Grand Vizier of the Playlist)